Summer's last breath is upon us.... yet I can't wait for the coziness of Fall

As I sit here filling out beginning of school year paperwork and adding various schedules and commitments to the family calendar, I can't help but crack a little smile. Sure, summer is great, but I am ready for the coziness and nesting that occurs in Fall. There is a certain comfort for me in the consistency of a more predictable schedule and the subtle settling in that occurs this time each year.

This is the time when I really like to evaluate where I'm going and how well I am balancing the various aspects of my life and to tweak things a bit if I am not respecting my big picture goals.

I've been on a journey of sorts these past few years....a journey of simplifying, of learning to be content with fewer items and fewer distractions, a journey of developing stronger compassion for and connection with others. Drawing strength from life's hardships and lessons and developing an acute sense of humility.

Perhaps this is the symbolic Fall of my journey in life....

I wonder how many others would benefit from simplifying their lives? I've seen amazing things as an organizer. I've seen people let go of past traumas, guilt, burdens, and chapters of their lives, all while clearing the space around them and allowing themselves to let go of items which held tremendous power over them. I've seen the look of relief on their faces as they allowed themselves this gift and the subsequent look of excitement at the prospect of new possibilities opening up for them. What a privilege it is to be allowed to be a part of that!

Is there a small area in your life where you can start simplifying? You might be amazed at the effect....I'd love to join you on your journey.  Contact me today!