Entryway and Mudroom Tips

Today,  I’d like to talk about Entryways and Mudrooms…these areas really have their work cut out for them. Some lucky folks have large, well equipped and distinct areas for this essential function. Others, like myself, need to get a little creative in carving out an area within a room to serve this purpose and rotate seasonally. With the onslaught of backpacks, shoes, coats, umbrellas, papers, mail, shopping bags, sporting equipment, and pet toys, how is one expected to corral all this?

My approach to this has always been to help folks set up a functional and easy to follow zoned system using the space they have, within their budget…all while appealing to their specific aesthetic! You should really love the containers, baskets, and hangers that you choose to contain items. You can have a little fun with this.

Let’s face it, these areas tend to get really messy at times…but the trick is to have a system in place and a place for specific items….and to train your co-habitants to adhere to the system (this is the most challenging step).

Things your entryway may need:

  • Drop spot for shoes, boots, backpacks
  • Spot for keys, mail, paperwork, etc.(depends on your space layout)
  • Spot for umbrellas
  • Spot for sporting equipment
  • Spot for shopping bags
  • Spot for pet walking items (bags, leashes, collars)
  • Water friendly rug, boot trays
  • hooks, baskets

A few pointers:

  • Keep seasonal items front and center, rotate non seasonal items, even if you have space for all…move your current seasonal items to the forefront.

  • Spot for each person? Can be as simple as assigning a hook and a basket for each kid. Make sure they are easy to reach. Label.

  • Go ahead and donate (or store elsewhere for younger siblings) any outgrown boots or other items from last year.

  • Keep things in distinct categories…so it will become second nature.

  • Keep in mind that it’s a dumping ground-try not to get too stressed – train yourself to do regular maintenance!

  • These are wonderful workflow and transition areas….for coming AND going!

  • Once you've set something up...the true test is to live with it and modify as needed.

As promised....here is a peek inside our own entryway...we use water and pet friendly rugs, shoe baskets, a console table for incoming mail and outgoing items, an umbrella holder on one side of our entryway, and on the other side we have hooks for coats and a basket storage system that we rotate seasonally. The kids usually throw their backpacks by the console...it's modest, but it works for us (and Lily, our Labrador).

What has worked for you? What are your biggest entryway challenges?

If you feel like you’d like an ally in this process, or help at any point along the way, please reach out....

multiple use area....pets and people stuff!

multiple use area....pets and people stuff!

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