Paper Management Strategies

Tips for eliminating paper clutter

Try some of these strategies and feel your paper-stress starting to dissolve:

  • Tackle paperwork in a designated spot, so it does not end up all over your house!
  • Get yourself in the habit of doing this every day, if at all possible. Piles = delayed decisions!
  • Designate a consistent mail management station, ideally with recycle, shredder (or a temporary storage container to be moved to shredder), and some sort of sorting system.
  • Include baskets or a file sorter labeled accordingly to accommodate speed sorting:
    • folder for each member of the family
    • a critical pile
    • to be paid
    • shred
    • reference reading/entertainment  such as magazine/catalogs
    • coupons
    • whatever else makes sense to your world!

Keep things in the place where you are most likely to use them

  • Although you may have a perfectly great home office…. if it's not handy and in the main flow of your home, it may not work for you to attempt to go through your mail there.
  • —  Command center in your kitchen – having all you need nearby. Pens, paper envelopes, thank you notes, stamps, return address labels, calendar for quick viewing.


Filing Strategies – basics

  • Fewer categories are better! How many times have you been unable to decode your own filing systems?
  • Your categories should make sense to YOU!
  • —Modular filing can work well for some…medical, business, financial, permanent files, taxes, school files, special interests, in their own distinct containers.
  • You need to purge – yes this is riveting work, but necessary!
  • Wherever possible, separate Active files from Archival...and store Active in an easy to reach spot. Archival can be more out of the way.
  • Using uniform, printed labels makes retrieval much easier on the eye.


Is the paper in YOUR  life taking over?

I regularly work with clients to get their paper under control and develop systems for moving forward. I’ve whipped many a home office into shape and can help you set up a functional and efficient command center if that’s where the paperwork needs to land!

I’d love to work with you to restore order to your paper-cluttered surfaces! – or in any room that needs attention. Never worked with a professional organizer before? It’s not as scary as it sounds – just call me to discuss any projects you’re considering. We can chat, strategize, and see if we’re a good fit. The call is complimentary – so you have nothing to lose.