So many of us have dedicated office space in our homes. Many are fortunate enough to have a distinct space that affords privacy and separation, while others are meeting this need utilizing a nook or a corner of a room within their home. Whatever your space requirements, it is possible to carve out a space that helps you to be productive while working from home.

I work with folks who use their home office exclusively to handle their residential affairs as well as the small business owner or telecommuter. I can help you to de-clutter and set up your space to make sense with your work preferences, filing needs, ergonomic considerations, and aesthetic inclinations. I can also help you to assess your current filing system to see if we can make some improvements to simplify your system. Many times our filing systems evolve into something unnecessarily complicated. If you can't remember where something should go when you file it, just imagine figuring out where to look when you need to retrieve it!

I understand - as a former telecommuter, I've faced this issue personallyand have great empathy for the many challenges that can arise when you combine the place you live with the place you earn or maintain your livelihood.