Whether it's your bedroom closet, a utility, hallway, bathroom, or laundry room closet, I can work with you to discover unused space and organize your items in a way that will make you not dread opening the closet door!


  • Do you find yourself buying duplicate items because you can't find the ones in your closet?
  • Is it realistic to think that you'll wear all of your items again?
  • Can you find the items that you love to wear without tripping over items that don't need to be stored in your everyday space?
  • When was the last time you did a clothing inventory to see which items you still use or wear?
  • Are you holding onto certain items purely for sentimental reasons?

All closets:

  • Are you using the vertical space in your closets?
  • If closet space is scarce in your home, do you rotate your seasonal items in a way that allows you easy access?
  • Is it clear to everyone in your household which items should be stored in each closet?
  • Are the items you use most frequently stored in the most accessible areas of the closet?
  • Can you reach everything?
  • Have you done a recent inventory on your closet items?

Maybe it's time to take a good look at your existing closet setup to see if you can be better utilizing the space you have. You may be surprised at just how much space you have...let me help you through this sometimes tedious process.

"I was referred to Tricia from our real estate agent to help with organizing and staging our home to sell in Needham, MA.  As a mom of 4 young kids it's not easy to keep our home organized. From the minute Tricia came into our house she took the time to learn how we live and hit the ground running. She set up systems in our kitchen, mudroom, linen closets and kids rooms that months later are still working for us....everything now has a place that makes sense."  
                               ~ Michele F, Needham