Feeling a bit out of control and don't know where to start? Need some help establishing routines that position you for success instead of frustration?

Routines are essential when running a household, nurturing a career, raising a family, meeting your health and fitness goals, maintaining friendships and ties with extended family, hobbies......you get the point. It's all connected!

Sometimes it's the little things that really trip us up and lead to unintended consequences.

I can help you to take an objective look at some of your basic workflows and routines and figure out how to make you more efficient in your everyday life - with consideration of your particular habits, likes and dislikes, organizational tendencies, and real-life circumstances.

A few examples:

  • Handling incoming paperwork, establishing a command center, filing systems, dealing with existing paperwork.
  • Establishing systems for dealing with laundry, and getting your family to help!
  • Household shopping- keeping inventory of what you have, planning ahead so you don't run out of things.
  • Establishing a launching/landing pad for easier exits.
  • Bill paying routines.
  • Time management and scheduling - blocking out time for what really matters most!