Pre-move assistance with:

  • De-cluttering, purging, and donating unwanted items before a move so that you won't be paying to move your unwanted items.
  • Packing and labeling your things in a way that will make unpacking a breeze! 
  • Planning which items you will be bringing into your new space. This is particularly helpful when downsizing.
  • Haven't sold your home yet? We specialize in staging. I can help you to highlight the true beauty and possibilities of your home to potential buyers, oftentimes simply by de-cluttering, rearranging furniture, and highlighting great storage potential.

Moving day and afterwards:

  • I will help coordinate with your movers in the event that you or your loved one cannot be there that day.
  • I am happy to assist you in the unpacking process and will help you to set up organized systems so you can get off to a good start in your new space.
  • I can help you plan out your rooms, and love coming up with creative solutions for smaller spaces.

"We were about to put our home on the market and it sold before being listed, so I was faced with what seemed to be an impossible timeline for clean-out. YIKES! How will this ever happen? With the steady, skillfulwork of Tricia Nelson it did happen; she was amazing! She brings a great balance of directing the work, plowing through the piles, and yet stopping to see what the client really needs. I could not have accomplished this move-out without her, and I could not recommend her enough. THANK-YOU TRICIA!!!"
Paula W., Westwood